All of our lessons are taught through a creative approach, with the arts playing a key role for our pupils to inspire, create and educate.

We are really proud of everything our young people have achieved this year in the arts, and every pupil who started with us in September has just been awarded their Arts Award (Discover level), and are working towards their Explore (EQF Level 1). The schools involvement within the creative arts is also contributing towards Mountwood hopefully achieving its ‘ArtsMark platinum school’ status within the two year framework.

‘Creativity is contagious, pass it on!’ – Albert Einstein

Curious Minds Invitation.

Curious Minds would like to take this opportunity to invite you to an upcoming Artsmark Peer to Peer network meeting. This meeting will have a particular focus on creative education within SEND schools and will explore the following:

  • Creativity within a SEND setting
  • Creative opportunities to achieve Artsmark & Arts Award
  • Creative jobs in the future for young people with disabilities

During the session you will also have the opportunity for open discussion and networking with other settings from across the North West.

Facilitated by Mountwood Academy’s Artmark Lead: Sean Di Sora, the session will be taking place:

Date: 15/11/18
Time: 13:30 – 15:30
Address: Mountwood Academy, Ward Green Lane, Longridge, Preston, PR3 3YB

To reserve your free place for this event, please follow the link below:

We look forward to seeing you there.

Our school specialism is creativity

Every young person at Mountwood achieves an Arts Award. We are also completing our Arts Mark and we are aiming to become a platinum school!

Jonny the Fish - Focus game
Jonny the Fish - Focus game
Using your hand as a fish to jump out of the water. When Jonny jumps out of the water, you have to clap your hands to catch him. This can be extended to send Jonny on many different adventures which can assess your pupils understanding of a subject.
What's Missing?
What's Missing?
Objects are shown to the group, then covered with a blanket. The group is split in half and they have to try and remember what was under the blanket. Extra points are awarded for detail! A game to explore your remembering skills and teamwork.
Chairs are set up randomly in the space, one person is the pac-man who is trying to get to the empty chair (they can only walk), everyone else has to work together to fill the empty chair before the pac-man sits down on it (they can run). Teamwork exercise.
Build the picture
Build the picture
One person enters the space and creates an object using their body, another person enters the space and adds to the picture by becoming something else, the more people added, the bigger and better the picture. Freeze-frame activity to promote teamwork.
Using a pen as a microphone, the young person to present their news like a News Anchor. Using questions to prompt speaking if needed.
• What did you have this morning for breakfast?
• Favourite colour?
• Favourite food?
• Sing a song.

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